Meet Cray


Legitimately formatted questions:

  • Is kratom legal?
  • Is kratom safe?
  • What kind of kratom is best for xyz?
  • Who do you work for?

Hi, and welcome to our experimental know it all 😉    This project was put together for those new to kratom, or anyone who is interested with toying with the new AI technology.  We programmed Cray, to answer questions about kratom and it's many considerations.

Things you should know:

First, AI is not perfect.  It may sometimes offer incorrect answers or answer in some random fashion.  If this happens, just ignore that and keep going.  We are asking anyone who notices something not quite right to please report that by using our contact form.  As we get reports of inaccurate info or glitches, we will aspire to update Cray to include a correction.  And thank you in advance.  Eventually this technology will be fine tuned to avoid mistakes.

Unlike ChatGTP, this model doesn't remember the last question asked and can not draw info from that.  As such you must ask your questions precisely without expecting the system to remember your last question or response.  

Finally, if you ask Cray stupid questions, you are assured a stupid answer ;-}  She is programmed to answer questions regarding kratom.  Period.  If you use this system towards that end, you will see her merits

Thanks for helping us fine tune our Cray.  She's eager to learn!

Have fun!