The History of Our Name

Meet the Kratomic Dragon:  The Dazed Mascot Roaming Indonesia's Kratom Habitat

In the lush forests of Indonesia, where kratom plants flourish in abundance, a remarkable creature resides in the most potent patches of this botanical haven. This black and purple lizard, known as the Kratomic Dragon, or the Dazed Dragon, captivates the imagination with its enchanting presence and unique relationship with the kratom leaves. Today, we delve into the world of this rare and intriguing creature, as it becomes the iconic mascot of a company of the same name.


The Enigmatic Kratomic Dragon:

The Kratomic Dragon is a creature shrouded in mystique. It derives its name from its peculiar behavior of consuming kratom leaves, which have a profound impact on its state of mind. As the lizard feasts on the leaves, it becomes somewhat dazed, displaying a serene and tranquil demeanor. The enchanting sight of this beautiful reptile amidst the potent kratom patches has made it an emblem of the region's unique biodiversity.


A Symbol of Potency and Natural Wonder:

Kratom enthusiasts and locals alike regard the Kratomic Dragon as a symbol of the power and potency of the plant. Its presence in the most potent kratom patches is believed to be an indicator of the quality and strength of the leaves found in that area. The black and purple hues that adorn its scales reflect the vibrant colors of the kratom leaves, further emphasizing the close relationship between the dragon and the plant.


The Dazed Dragon: Company Name and Mascot:

The captivating allure of the Kratomic Dragon inspired a pioneering kratom company to adopt it as both their name and mascot. The Dazed Dragon embodies the essence of the creature's serene state induced by consuming kratom leaves. It symbolizes the connection between the company's products and the enchanting effects sought by kratom enthusiasts worldwide.

The Dazed Dragon's significance as a mascot extends beyond the aesthetic appeal. It serves as a reminder of the importance of sourcing high-quality kratom and the commitment to preserving the natural habitats where the plant and the mystical Kratomic Dragon thrives. The company aims to mirror the dragon's majestic and tranquil presence in its business practices, delivering premium kratom products while advocating for sustainability and responsible sourcing.


Preserving the Kratom Habitat:

The habitat where kratom grows plentiful is crucial for the survival of both the plant and the Kratomic Dragon. It is essential to recognize the delicate balance between human holistic practices and environmental conservation. The Dazed Dragon company prioritizes sustainable practices and works closely with indonesian sources to promote ethical harvesting methods that protect the habitat and ensure the balance between potent product, and the creatures it nurtures.

The Kratomic Dragon, or the Dazed Dragon, is a remarkable creature that adds a touch of enchantment to the already captivating world of kratom. Its association with the most potent kratom patches and its dazed state after consuming the leaves have made it a beloved symbol of potency and natural wonder. As the mascot of the Dazed Dragon company, this mysterious lizard represents the company's commitment to providing premium kratom products while promoting sustainability and the conservation of the precious habitats where the plant thrives.