The Lucky Wheel Rules

The Dazed Dragon Lucky Wheel has proven to be an immense triumph, and we are committed to continuing to spread the joy it brings. However, we must also ensure the sustainability of our operations to maintain our ability to serve you in the future. Consequently, we have made the strategic choice to request that our esteemed winners assume responsibility for the shipping costs associated with their awarded prizes.

In light of this adjustment, we kindly propose the consideration of consolidating your orders, if you intend to place any, in order to optimize the efficiency of shipping and minimize any additional expenses. We are profoundly grateful for your understanding and continued support.

And finally, please note that we have a one spin per day, per person rule, and that taking multiple spins using alternate emails is not permitted nor honored.  This is to give everyone the same shot at winnings as everyone else.  Let's play fair please.

. . . .  
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