Dazed Dragons Products Every Month!

We now have subscriptions available for those who are regular consumers.   Save money on your favorite products each and every month, delivered right to your doorstep.  We will contact you every month on your order day to arrange your strain and split choices for the month.


The following prices include FREE shipping, splits in ANY fashion and a free item each month.  Unlimited splits means, you can if you want split a kilo, let's say, into 10 100Gram packages.  Each box will have a monthly item only available to subscribers!


Check out these packages.

30 Club

$30 per month
  • 2 regular teablets
  • OR 1 enhanced
  • and 100g

60 Club

$60 per month
  • Half Kilo
  • Split Any Way
  • By Subscription Only

90 Club

$90 per month
  • Full Kilo
  • Split Any Way
  • By Subscription Only

120 Club

$120 per month
  • 1500 Grams
  • Split Any Way
  • By Subscription Only